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I made a mistake! When I was figuring out how long each lesson is in Rosetta Stone Spanish, I accidentally just counted the CORE lessons, and not the lessons in between the core lessons. 😦 I have to do a LOT more than 4 and a half hours a week to get through the whole thing before I leave…I have to get through over 2 whole units (each unit has 4 core lessons and a varying amount of in between lessons) every week. For this week, that means about 13 and a half hours. That makes me so sad. 2 hours a day every day??!?? Ok, happy thoughts, I’ll finally be able to converse in Spanish. Woot! It’s worth it.

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Learning Spanish…

Ok, a quick update, I upgraded my software today (wooo, snow leopard) and can now run Rosetta Stone (again).  I did a few refresher lessons on the units I had completed prior to my dvd player dying (I scored a respectable 89% on the Lesson Milestone). Now, I’m ready to get into the meat of the program.  I counted how many lessons I still have to get through (72) and how many days until my hoped for Rosetta “graduation” (56)…at that rate I need to do 9 lessons per week, which seemed like a lot until I realized each lesson is only about a half hour long, so that’s just 4 and a half hours per week. Really not too bad when you think about it (or so I’m telling myself). That would be like taking one class in college. I’m going to set goals on my calendar to encourage myself, but I could really use all of the positive vibes I can get. Learning languages has never been my strong suit (case in point, I’ve taken Spanish classes in Middle School, High School, and College and still can’t seem to get past numbers, letters, and a few random nouns like mesa and lechuga). But like I said, trying to keep a can-do attitude.  I really really really want to be conversational by the time I’m in Spain.  Any encouragement would be appreciated!

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