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B-school like a BOSS!

So I’m skipping over Adelaide’s awesome Womad festival for the moment and going to talk about starting Marie Forleo’s B-school instead. The first module became available this past Monday and I feel like I’ve been killing it! This is exactly the kick in the pants I needed and I can’t wait to implement all the great ideas the first module has already sparked! Unfortunately most will have to wait until I have a reliable (and free) wifi source. Tomorrow = surfing at bondi beach. love my life

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Marie Forleo’s B-school…thoughts?

Hey y’all. I was reading a newsletter from one of my favorite travel websites, ytravel, and I came across an article the authors had written about Marie Forleo’s B (as in business) school. It’s basically an 8 week online course designed to help you turn your passion(s) into a successful business reality. Her program has been featured on the talk show of the queen of entrepreneurs herself, Oprah, as well as by huffington post, forbes and a bunch of of other reliable sources. I decided to check her website out and I was blown away. In her videos, she has a poise and self-assured ness that I only dream about having in my videos, yet she is still approachable and often hilarious. It feels like this opportunity is what I’ve been looking for. For months I’ve been saying to myself that I want to turn my passions (this blog, eco travel, budget travel, travel photography, travel mentoring, etc) into a successful business, but I just don’t feel like I have the business-y skills necessary for such a drastic leap. This seems like the answer to my prayers. “So what’s holding you back?” you say? The cost. It’s high. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s over priced, I just don’t know if I can realistically invest such a large sum into something that may or may not work. I’ll admit it–I’m afraid of getting my hopes up and then having them squashed. I applied for one of the few scholarships she offers, but I don’t think I’ll get it seeing as how I found out about the b-school a mere 5 hours before the deadline for scholarship application were due and so I made my video application in the dark at 2 or 3 in the morning. All I can hope is that my passion bleeds through and she decides to take a chance on me. If not, I’ll need to make the decision of whether or not to shell out $2000 for something that could be life changing. Which is why I need your help! Any veterans of the program out there, I would love to hear your story and whether you think it was worth it or not…

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