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My favorite order is out of order…

Today I bought plane tickets for my stint in Spain in October with the ‘rents. So what?, you may ask. You need those plane tickets. To which I answer, why yes I do, but I should first probably buy the ticket that is going to get me to Europe. Minor detail.  My proposed departure date is a mere 2 months and 3 days away and I still haven’t bought my flight over there.  I really need to get my ass in gear, but this damn concussion isn’t helping anything.  

I’m a week behind on my spanish lessons, I haven’t bought my flight to London, I need to finalize details of the France portion of my trip, I need to rework the Italy portion, I need to take a second look at the financial projection (which may lead to nixing Morocco and overhauling Spain and Portugal), I still haven’t opened a Schwab savings account (hello no ATM fees!), I need to figure out how to best utilize the airline miles I’ve been accruing, I’d like to compile a list of possible work leads for Australia, get a YHA membership, buy travel insurance and a dozen other details.

So yea, that’s what I need to do. It would be helpful if I would do things in a logical order, but I know that’s not going to happen. I’ll at least try to get things done by the time they have to get done…for the moment that means getting back on track with my spanish lessons, buying a flight to london, sending in the info for my schwab account and figuring out the first 3 weeks of my trip. Ok, yea, that’s manageable. Those will be my goals for the week.  Paying my rent should really be on that list too…and going the bank to deposit some checks so the rent check doesn’t bounce. Ok, now that’s my list…until I think of more things.

Now, I’ve got to go lie down and try not to think for a while.  If you’ve ever had a bad concussion, you’ll sympathize. 

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Mo’ Morocco

Today, I realized something. Something that may have already occurred to many of you, but not to me. I realized I might actually be able to use this travel blog to get discounts on travel stuff in exchange for a review of the “stuff”.  Wow. Mind=blown. Now I know that this is probably not groundbreaking to a lot of you…it wouldn’t be to me either if I had any sort of business sense. But I don’t.  My skills lie in other areas…creativity, math, science, listening, compassion, reading, swimming, is stubbornness a skill? Anyway, you get the idea. I’m good at a lot of things, business not being one of them.  Maybe I could be good at business-y stuff, but I’ve never tried. So this whole “selling an idea” concept, which is basically what I’m trying to do with this blog, is brand new to me.  Every time I get a new follower on here, my mind is blown.  To me, a new follower means I have somehow been able to convince somebody that I am an expert in ecotourism and budget travel and that they should listen to what I have to say.  In reality, I’m sure their thought process leading up to hitting the follow button is somewhat less complex, but that’s how I think of it. 

Anyway, yea, Morocco.  My point, if I even had one, is that I might be able to negotiate a lower rate on something (say, a tour to Morocco) if I include a review of the company on my blog.  Let me just say though, I will never push a company or product that I don’t fully believe in. Yes, it would be nice to get a discount, but NOT at the expense of lying to or misleading my readers. One of my goals with this blog is to be completely transparent about my travel.  

Hopefully, I will find a Moroccan tour that is everything I want it to be for the price I need it to be.  If anyone knows of a 14 day tour that covers Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Meknes, Essaouira, a Saharan camel trek, a stay at a Berber camp, and a jaunt through the Atlas Mountains for under $1200 US including meals, accommodation, transport, and activities, please let me know.

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Morocco’s a go-go

I’ve been on the fence about squeezing Morocco into the European portion of my trip (YES, I know that Morocco is in Africa).  My dad is reeeeaaaallly against it. Like, really against it. Like, yell at me and tell me what an idiot I am against it. I, on the other hand, am captivated by everything I’ve read about it.  So, I did what I always do when I’m having a hard time making an important travel decision (and life decision)…I made a pro and con list after researching the hell out of it.  Here’s what I found out…Morocco is considered one of the safer African countries, though there are incidents of terrorism (which can be said for pretty much every country), women are not encouraged to travel alone, Islam is the main religion and should be respected (cover up, don’t hug the opposite sex, etc), steps are being take to encourage growth in the tourism sector (improvements to infrastructure, safety, etc).

In light of these considerations, I’ve decided that it would be best to go with a tour.  I see this as a compromise and hopefully my parents will too…my preferred mode of travel is solo so I can go where I want when I want to go there, but I also do want to be safe, don’t want to cause my parents to have heart attacks, and don’t want to be stupid about things.  I’m researching my options for affordable tours right now…so far nomadic tours, intrepid, and g adventures seem to be my best bet.  I’m hoping for 8-14 days for under $1000 US.  My must see/do’s are Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira, Fes, riding camels through the desert, desert overnight, seeing some portion of the Atlas mountains, wander through the ruins in Meknes and sweat off the camel stink in a hammam.  I don’t know if it’ll be possible to get everything on my wish list for the price I can afford to pay, but I’ll try to get as much as I can.  If anybody knows of a reputable company with awesome, inexpensive tours to Morocco, please let me know!

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