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Day 30

Whew! Made it through Bootsnall’s “Plan your RTW trip in 30 days” challenge! Now I’m even more stoked to leave than I already was!  The folks over at Bootsnall have some great tips to share and if you’re even just thinking about a RTW/extended trip, go check them out.  The 30 day challenge will be able to help you figure out if you’re serious or not.  Another awesome website that inspired me to take the plunge is Nomadic matt. Seriously, I want his life. Happy travels!

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“How to travel the world on $50 a day”

My roommate probably thinks I’m a nut. Ok, she knows I’m a nut for other reasons, but today just confirmed it. I got a book that I had pre-ordered online through Barnes and Noble today that won’t be sold in stores until February 5th.  I ordered it under the assumption that I’d be receiving it on or around that date as well, which happens to be the day before my birthday. Imagine my surprise when I checked my mailbox today! The coveted and much anticipated “How to travel the world on $50 day” by one of my favorite travel gurus, nomadic matt! I’m already 20 pages in and completely obsessed so far. I’m hoping I can bring some thoughts this book inspires in me to this blog to share with you. Ok, that’s it! I just wanted to share my excitement!!

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