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Air travel is so 2 seconds ago

Air travel is without a doubt the most environmentally damaging part of travel.  Passenger planes on average produce 244 pounds of carbon dioxide every mile.  So, easiest way to make a difference? Limit your air travel as much as makes sense. Travel overland or by boat.  Take a bus, or a tuk-tuk, or a camel, or a dug-out canoe, or your own 2 feet.  Not only will you contribute less CO2, but you will definitely see more of the area you’re traveling through, and might even get a great story out of it!

If you're feeling really ambitious, try crossing Central America in one of these!

If you’re feeling really ambitious, try crossing Central America in one of these!

I get that cutting out airplanes altogether is pretty improbable for a lot of trips because of the time they save over other methods of transportation and the comfort they afford, but even just switching one leg of your trip to a different mode of travel will cut down on the amount of CO2 your trip produces.

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Day 14

Woot! Day 14 is about embracing overland travel, something I already have down pat.  When I was solo backpacking from Panama to Belize, one of my fav parts of traveling was riding the chicken buses with locals. Usually not a single traveler/tourist in sight!  I met so many interesting people taking the local transportation…an old man whom I shared a bus stop food cart special with offered to take me home to marry one of his 11 sons (all handsome of course, and a couple were even almost as tall as me!), a woman with 2 small children (the 3 of them sat in the school bus seat with me) bartered some sort of native fruit (which I ate, of course, even though I probably shouldn’t have) for my water bottle, the woman who spoke no english who called her daughter to explain to me which bus to get on when I accidently took the wrong one, even though her daughter spoke mayyyybe 5 words of english and none of them were directional words). 

Ok, usually I reread my posts before I edit them…but right now it’s 1:30 in the morning, I am battling a tonsil infection, have an ice pack laying across my throat, and I have an interview tomorrow for I’m not sure which of the dozen jobs I have applied for in the last two days…

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