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Day 23

Day 23 is titled “Automate the boring stuff”.  It basically talks about automating your finances before your trip so that while you’re out traveling the world, you don’t have to think of mundane things like hoping your payment to your credit card went through or wondering when you’ll be able to get to a computer or phone so you can make sure your monthly mortgage payment is on time.  My solution will be to get rid of all my monthly payments (though I will still have a credit card, so I’ll probably set up automatic monthly payments from my savings account to take care of that).  I’m timing it so my rent with be up when I leave which takes care of rent, water, electricity, and cable/internet.  I’m going to turn the gas off as soon as it gets warm enough (I have an electric heater for emergencies).  I have a month by month cell phone plan (yay virgin mobile!) so that’s easy enough to stop.  I’l have to write my health insurance about a month in advance to let them know I’m dropping them (that’s a first…I’m used to it being the other way around haha).  And that takes care of my monthly payments…My advice to you is get rid of as many of those pesky monthlys as possible and automate the rest. Happy Travels!

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Day 21

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand...

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand…

Advice for the day, take some time within your trip for “slow travel”.  You will probably, at some point, experience travel burnout during your crazy-long trip.  At this time, do not be afraid to take a vacation from your vacation.  Sounds silly but trust me, you’ll need it.  Hunker down somewhere for a week or even a month. When you start moving again, you’ll be able to experience your trip with fresh eyes and get so much more out of it than if you just keep moving throughout your entire time away from home.  Sometimes you just need to feel grounded.  It does not make you any less of a super-awesome traveler for taking a break.  My plan is to take at least one mini break in each main area I’m going to.  Australia will be easy since I’m planning on working a lot of my time there.  When I’m burnt out traveling through southeast Asia, I’m thinking I’ll rent an apartment for a month, probably in Thailand, preferably near a beach, maybe I’ll even get my dive masters (takes 6-8 weeks usually). In South America, I want to take time for an intensive spanish language course in one of the cheaper countries.  Bottom line, don’t be afraid to stop to smell the roses.  After all, you’re taking this trip to experience life in other countries, not just to snap a few pics and hop across the border.

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Day 20

Day 20 — what to do with housing while you’re away. This is an easy one for me. I’m renting and when I leave I’ll just…stop renting lol. I have family only a couple miles away who have graciously offered me a bit of space in their basement for anything I want to keep (I’m limiting myself to the old fashioned trunk my dad found years ago and anything I can fit into it) and I’m selling everything else I own, so no need to rent a storage space.

For me, the situation of what to do with current housing is an easy one, but it might not be for you. And to be truthful, it almost wasn’t easy for me. I’d been thinking about buying a house in the area and for a while, I convinced myself that I should still buy a house, fix it up over the summer, and then find a company to manage renting it out while I was gone.  If I was only going to be gone for a year or if I’d found a house I loved, I probably would have gone through with it, but because I don’t actually know how long I’m going to be gone and none of the houses on the market in the area I want to buy in are what I’m looking for, I decided to scrap that idea.  If you do own a house though, look into renting it out while you’re gone.  Like I mentioned above, there are companies out there that will manage your property for you while you are gone.  They screen rent applicants, keep your house in good working order, etc, for usually 10% of the rent. Something to think about…

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Day 19

Day 19 of Bootsnall’s “Plan your RTW trip in 30 days” basically just asks how the trip planning is going thus far. So far, I think the challenge has been very helpful.  It’s approached a few topics from angles I hadn’t thought of, reiterated the importance of others, and kept me motivated.  There were a few days I just glossed over the article because I already had that aspect of my trip sorted, but I definitely think every day’s topic would be helpful to someone who has never traveled long-term before.  The only thing I think needs to be changed is the fact that you can’t just go to and see each day’s action guide.  All in all, great job to the folks at Bootsnall for putting this together! Stay strong and travel on!

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