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The Art of the Deal

Guatemalan girl selling handwoven goods

Guatemalan girl selling handwoven goods

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about planning for a trip is finding awesome deals.  For instance, on a recent trip to vegas, I decided that I was going to try to do the whole 5 night, 6 day trip for $550.  Where did the $550 number come from you ask? No clue. It’s just the number that popped into my head when my best friend and I decided to go on this crazy trip.  With that number in mind, I scoured the internet for deals on airfare, hotels, attraction, food, and drinks.  I found roundtrip airfare for $240…true, I had to fly a red-eye back home, but I saved about $150.  We ended up getting our hotel for free when a family member decided they wouldn’t have time to use their time share this year.  We got multi-day bus passes that took us pretty much everywhere we wanted to go and saved us boocoodles on taxi fare.  As for attractions, we mostly just walked around, checked out all the casinos, gambled a bit, etc.  We did have one splurge (Cirque de Soleil’s Mystere…freaking amazing) but we even got a deal on that.  For food, we ate several meals out, but most of the time were given some kind of discount card.  We also utilized the nearby grocery store for breakfast and snack foods.  At night, we hit up various clubs and bars, but thanks to an online site of a vegas club promoter that I found, we got into every single place for free AND got free drinks at most of the places we went.  These little cheats filled me with almost as much joy as being in Vegas with one of my closest friends did! Thank goodness she also likes a good deal…my excitement over saving money might have been a touch obnoxious to some.  In the end, we went over the $550/person budget…just barely.  So I guess my point is, if I even have a point, the challenge of sticking to a budget actually increased the amount of enjoyment I derived from this trip.  Before I left, it was fun looking for these deals and learning about the place I was going to visit. During, it was nice to know we were having an awesome time without spending a ton of money.  After, it was a relief that I hadn’t gone in debt for this fun little girls’ trip.

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