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I’m eating gelato in Italy, damn it

So I’m on a pretty intense eating plan at the moment (designed to suss out any food intolerances) and today it hit me…how the hell am I supposed to keep it going while I’m traveling??? And there is NO question I’m going to keep it going (with the occasional cheat, of course) because I feel better than I have in 10 years. Just to give you an idea what I’m going to be up against: no peanuts, no corn, severely limit added or fake sugars, no dairy (definitely intolerant), limited soy (slightly intolerant), and maybe no gluten or egg (still gotta test those, but im pretty sure gluten is going to be a no go).  It’s hard enough at home where I cook pretty much all my meals.  What can I eat on the road and make sure I’m staying healthy??

After I freaked out, I put my thinking hat on, sat down, and wrote a list (you guys no how much I love a good list) of things I can probably find pretty much anywhere.

1. Fruit 

2. Nuts

3. Salads with no cheese, croutons, or salad dressing (many have gluten, so just stick with oil and vinegar) 

4. Beans

5.  Seeds

6. Hummus

7. Vegetables

8. Grilled meat with no sauce or butter

9.  Same for fish

10.  Brown rice

11. Olives

Looking at this list, I’m nervous. The list will be fine in developed countries and I should be able to get seeds, nuts, and fruit pretty much anywhere in the world for snacks, but what about when I’m in Vietnam subsisting on street food? or Guatemala? or Honduras? or Cambodia? Even if I can find food everywhere that is gluten, dairy, soy, egg, corn and peanut free, is this really my choice? either enjoy the local tastes a culture has to offer and deal with the resulting stomach cramps, headaches, joint swelling, wheat belly, joint pain, etc. or eat yummy but somewhat monotonous and boring foods that in no way reflect the place I’m visiting?????

I’m eating gelato in Italy, damn it!! And pizza! I’m having delicious tapas in Spain. I’m having tagine in Morocco. But I’m also going to make those culinary treats be just that…treats. This new eating plan has taught me that eating the foods that I have intolerances to is bad, but eating them several times a day every day is worse. I just have to figure out how important eating that food is to me and act accordingly. 


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I can’t wait to eat mystery food

I can't wait to eat mystery food

One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying the local food! This is a fruit that is common in Guatemala, the name of which escapes me. From what I can remember about it, you eat the fleshy part around the seeds, it’s super slimy like alien bogies, and the taste leaves something to be desired. Nonetheless, I’m glad I tried it!

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