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Wait, what? Other countries have stores??

I was looking at what I’m planning on bringing on my trip and thinking about what else I need to buy in preparation for my trip, and then I had a thought. 

I don’t have to replace things that are still usable.

For instance, do I really need to buy a new camera right now?  Sure, it’s getting a little beat up, but it still works perfectly well.  If (when) it breaks, I can always buy a new one when I’m on the road.  Does anyone else have this problem with feeling like everything they take on a long trip needs to be in perfect condition?? Is it just me???

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My budget looks like a backpacker…My packing list? Not so much…

As I washed the 4 loads of laundry that piled up while I was fighting bronchitis, I looked through my clothing thinking about what I would take with me…my favorite pair of thin grey yoga pants? Hell yes.  My new(ish) dress from Anthropologie that I scored in a sale bin? I think so. My beloved leather jacket that makes me giddy just thinking about it? No. Wait, what?? What am I going to do, hoard it away at my brother’s house until I return, literally years from now?? The worst that could happen is it gets lost/stolen/destroyed and I wouldn’t have it anymore…well, if I don’t bring it, I won’t have it anyway. If I leave it with a family member, who’s to say I’ll still dig the style or will fit into it as perfectly as I do now?  I need to stop using the hoarding mentality and start using the I’m going to be traveling for years and deserve to have things that make me happy mentality.

So the real drawbacks of bringing my stellar leather jacket backpacking with me? It’s heavy, a little bulky, hard to wad up into a ball (important when you’re living out of a backpack), not very waterproof and not very backpacker-y.  The perks? I will definitely need something warm while I’m traveling through Europe in the fall and in parts of Australia next year, it’s super chic, and I love it

I think I’ll wait until I buy my backpack and load it up with all the items I’m definitely bringing (you know, like ductape), before I make the final decision. 

P.S. REI is having their biggest sale of the year right now til the 27th, so it’s a great time to pick up any travel essentials you may need…like, a backpack, for example

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